Modernising Leading Retailer with AI Recommendation Engine

The client, one of the largest betting retailer in the UK, provides gambling and gaming entertainment products and services to customers through websites and retail stores.

As a leading retailer in the sector, the client’s primary source of revenue was from its active customers. To keep a customer active for a longer period of time, personalised marketing messages were delivered by its CRM team. These messages and their audience was constructed manually every day. As the client’s customer base grew over millions of accounts, this manual operation was no longer efficient. Hence the client needed expertise to automate this personalised marketing process with an AI Recommendation Engine.

The Paragon Solution

An initial month was spent on analysis and design. At this stage, Paragon gathered further requirements, refined the objectives and agreed on deliverables with the client. We communicated remotely as well as in person with key stakeholders across the world to discover their perspective on the challenge. Given the information collected, an architecture and solution plan was agreed, and the development phase started. Paragon put together a development team consisting of architects, data engineers and data scientists with a person from client side appointed as product manager / owner. The project team used agile development methods resulting in efficient client communication and trackable performance.

The implemented recommendation engine successfully and seamlessly integrated into existing business operations. The product automatically generated daily personalised recommendations for millions of customers with over 50% success rate. The real monetary uplift showed in the results of targeting dormant (out of reach by traditional CRM) accounts. The automated approach enabled the client to target all customers with a personalised list of recommendations. The client realised a six-figure projected annual revenue uplift from the solution. The project had an over 42% return on analytics investment. In addition to the monetary value, the client successfully implemented its first AI fuelled product. Paragon delivered to the tech teams a scalable and multifunctional infrastructure as well as an operational process of how to develop future AI products.

Key Project Numbers


Project had an estimated 42% annualised ROI from test runs.

6 Months

The project took less than 6 months to implement end-to-end.


Daily personalised recommendations for over 40 million user accounts.


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